The first step in creating your state of the art profile is to register with Simply click on "Find a beauty service job" on the home page or "Sign up" at the top left corner on any page. Please make sure you provide clear and accurate answers and fill out all the required fields. We would highly recommend spending some time and describing all the services you provide in detail and adding pictures to your portfolio. The profile on 1-800spatogo should be a representation of your skills and talents.

To look for jobs available in your area, simply, click on "Get a job" on the top of the page and filter all the jobs based on the given parameters:

  1. Zipcode
  2. Service Category
  3. Budget

When clicking on "Latest job" the list of the most recently added jobs will be displayed.

To submit a bid on the job, simply click on "submit a bid" and fill out the form. Your bid price can be different from customer's preliminary budget. We would highly recommend that you write a short cover letter inviting the customer to see your profile and explaining why the customer should hire you. You may also attach a file that may support your cover letter.

1-800spatogo charges a 12.5% operational fee.

You would need to agree on the time frame provided by the customer and 1-800spatogo terms and conditions.

When this is done simply wait until the customer awards the job. The latest job awarding date is set by the customer and shown in the job description.

When a job is awarded the beautician who got the job receives notification saying that he/she was awarded the Job. Customer can award the job before the preset award day. This also means that customer made payment towards that job. The payment will be held by 1-800spatogo until the customer agrees that the job was completed successfully. This way we can guarantee that the beauticians will get paid.

When the service is done and both you and customer are happy with it. You need to ask customer to mark the job as "completed" This is basically asking customer to pay for the job. While the money was transferred when appointment was booked. This action will confirm that the appointment took place and that the customer is satisfied with the service. We highly recommend that you make sure that customer marks the job as "completed" , by providing great service and conducting professional ethics.

The customer may mark the job as incomplete based on following reasons:

The job never took place or he/she is not satisfied with the quality of the service provided. In either way 1-800spatogo customer service representative will get in touch with both beautician and customer to make sure the dispute is resolved.

When the job is marked as "completed" both beautician and customer will get an alert notifying that the service took place and that the customer is satisfied.

It will also send an alert to the admin that the payment can be released to the beautician. Currently there are 3 payment systems available: Pay Pal, Dwolla and Money Network from Bank of America. You will need to provide us with the email address linked to your accounts at PayPal and Dwolla. Additional fees associated with these payment systems may apply (link to PayPal and Dwolla fees). Payment receiving methods could be found and "Activity" tab on the dashboard.

1-800spatogo is a way for anyone who wants to receive the best spa services at the convenience of their own home and time. If you are working long hours and or have family obligations, but still wish to look and feel at your best, then you are in the right place. 1-800spatogo enables its customer to receive the best services at the convenience of your own home and at the best prices.

As a customer of 1-800saptogo you need to follow 5 simple steps to start taking full advantage of the network.

  1. Sign up, click on the top right of any page and choose sign up as a customer.
  2. "Post a job" create a thread where you pick the services you wish to receive, time and location (home, office, friend's house). There is also an option to give your budget. Note: beautician can give his/her own quote with proposed budget for that job, depending on the location and the type of service requested.
  3. Award the job to a beautician. Once you received enough quotes for your posted job, you may pick a beauty service provider who meets your expectations. It can be based on the price proposed by a beautician, his/her positive history and high ranking, or unique set of skills and qualifications. To award the job, means to secure time with the beautician and make payment towards the job.
  4. Make a payment. Payment can be done very easily. Simply choose the beautician and click "award the job" and provide your credit card information. The payment is secured with 1-800spatogo until the service is performed and a satisfactory way. To release the payment click "completed" under "awarded job" tab. This will release the payment to the beautician.
  5. Leave feedback and spread the word. We highly recommend leaving the feedback after every service received. This will help the beautician as well as your fellow users on the network.

The easiest way to book a service is to "Post a job". Here it means to create a thread or a posting with the requirements and let beauticians in your area to bid on it. Once you have received enough bids, choose the most suitable quote and award beautician with a job.

That would be very sad, but not the end of the world. 1-800spatogo has a dispute management procedure. First, you notify 1-800spatogo customer support team with unsatisfactory service or in case when beautician never came, please click on "incomplete" under awarded jobs. Submit your feedback and quick note on why the service was unsatisfactory. Our customer support representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible and make sure you receive a full refund.

If you need to cancel a job, 1-800spatogo offers you this option. Simply click on "Action" and "cancel job". The job will be place under "closed tab" with and marked as canceled. Please note 1-800spatogo has 24h cancelation Policy. There is 35% fee associated with the cancelation within 24 hours from the appointment time.

Under "Open Jobs" tab on 1-800saptogo customers and beauticians can find jobs that are still available for bids. It means that customer is still looking for a beautician to hire.

As soon as a customer finds the best match among submitted quotes he/she can award the job to a beautician. This will move job to a "awarded jobs" tab. These jobs are paid for and payment is secured with 1-800spatogo.

All the jobs that were completed successfully and payments were received by the beautician are stored under "completed jobs". Once the service is performed and both parties are satisfied, customer needs to click on "job is completed" under "Action" button. These will release the payment to the beautician.

Here users may find jobs that were marked as incomplete and undergoing dispute resolution. If the service performed by a beautician was not satisfactory customer may mark it as "incomplete" . The same can be done if beautician never came to a job site.

The list of jobs that is placed under "Closed jobs" consists of the posts created by the customer, but for some reason never awarded to a beautician. Customer can close any job before the job is awarded.

To change account information as well as account password, simply click on "My Profile" located on the Dashboard.

1-800spatogo is designed to cure "empty chairs" and "all at once" syndromes that the majority of salons are experiencing. It's meant to help salons expand their business with little-to-no overhead, by granting access to customers who can't frequently come to the salon during business hours. 1-800spatogo's network may also give salons the opportunity to provide customers with a wider array of services, or bid on jobs outside of the local area

1-800spatogo offers an expansive profile with photo and video galleries as well as the ability to give explicit descriptions of all services. Most importantly it's free to sign up, create a profile, and bid on any jobs in the area.

1-800spatogo offers salon owners a fully functioning infrastructure for creating a Virtual Salon. Virtual Salon allows businesses to participate in job bidding, hiring and sending beauticians on jobs, growing customer and beautician networks, and to be in a close contact with the customers all while getting paid and taking on no additional overhead.

On 1-800spatogo there are 3 types of participants: beauticians, customers and virtual salons. A Virtual Salon can be created by any licensed beautician who is part of 1-800spatogo network. Simply click on "Create Virtual Salon" on the top of the home page. Fill all the required categories and start bidding on jobs in your area.

There are quite a few ways how salon owners can leverage the network. Here are few examples: Salon may provide more services to existing customers, by making service available at customer's home. There is a great opportunity to pick up new customers by bidding on jobs and building an excellent reputation. There is also room for growth. Bid on jobs that are outside of your reach, send local beauticians and get paid.

Just like in a real world the referrals are made by the word of a mouth, it's true for 1-800spatogo network. The feedback you earn with your current customers is precious in starting the relationships with new ones. Reputation is everything in the real word as well as in online space. Be the first the most highly rated salon in your area on 1-800spatogo network.

Here we use the term affiliation or connection to determine the relationship between the salon and beautician. There are two types of affiliation given on 1-800spatogo. Exclusive affiliation of beautician with the salon means that this beautician may receive jobs from this salon and no others. (Please, note beautician will still have access to full functionality of the site and be able to bid on jobs individually). Salon will be handling payments and dispute resolution cases. The feedback at the end of the job goes to the salon's profile page. Here the salon may bid on jobs on behalf of its employees who are not part of 1-800spatogo network.

With non-exclusive affiliation beautician has to be part of 1-800spatogo network. He/she may be connected to multiple salons. In this case salon negotiates so called booking fee, that beautician is charged for each job the salon provided. Payments and dispute cases are handled by the beautician. Feedback provided by the customer is placed on the beautician's page. The salon receives the booking fee as soon as the payment is released by the customer.